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A Reborn Survivor:

Lara Croft invites game enthusiasts once more into her pistol-wielding adventures in Tomb Raider Definitive Edition. The game is the fifth title developed by Crystal Dynamic for the Tomb Raider Franchise and is a reboot that emphasizes the remodeled origins of Lara.


A stunningly realistic graphical improvement, intense gameplay innovations, and a lot of hardcore action will be coming to the next-generation console as Tomb Raider Definitive Edition makes its way back to the limelight.


Surviving It Over Again:

Join Lara as she tries to escape and scours a hostile island known as Yamatai in search of her abducted friends. Survive malevolent cults, brutes and betrayals while trying to escape this island of evil.


Action-adventure, exploration and survival mechanics are very well combined with the game’s interconnected hub-and-spoke model allowing players to make the most of Lara’s action-packed adventures.


Kill or Be Killed in Multiplayer Modes:

For the very first time ever in the Tomb Raider Series, a multiplayer option will be available. Players can compete with each other in several multiplayer maps in these three types of multiplayer modes which include; Team Death Match is a simple person vs. person combat scenario.


Private Rescue is a time-limited mode in which a certain class of teams is assigned to accomplished specific tasks. And lastly the Cry for Help mode in which a team needs to accomplish a task and survive being hunted by the others. In all three modes, destroyable environment and acquired weapons can be carried over from the single-player campaign.

Tomb Raider Definitive Edition

SKU: P4G-081

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