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– Enjoy strategic battles
– As the special chef “Tabe-O-Ja,” you will cook various dishes including Japanese, western, Chinese, and more with Joy-Con cooking actions
– Summon the “Tabe-Gami” that dwell within each tasty dish
– With your summoned Tabe-Gami, you can form your own original team, battle against rival chefs and their Tabe-Gami, and challenge the showdown of the cooking world: “World’s Strongest Dish”
– Tabe-Gami dwell within tasty dishes
– Summon these Tabe-Gami by using the Joy-Cons as the game indicates to complete your dish
– Joy-Con cooking actions have various patterns based on the dish
– These include “stir-fry,” “stacking ingredients,” “simmer,” and more
– Ex: stir-frying with good rhythm or stacking ingredients without them falling
– By completing a dish, you can summon a Tabe-Gami
– Each Tabe-Gami is themed after a dish
– Their fighting ability differs depending on the performance of your cooking actions and the Tabe-Gami
– Over 69 unique characters
– Can form a team with your summoned Tabe-Gami and battle against rival chefs
– Can summon Tabe-Gami onto the battlefield by selecting the Tabe-Gami you want to summon and performing the Joy-Con cooking actions
– In battle, Tabe-Gami can use special moves by meeting certain conditions
– The battle is decided when the opponent’s kitchen is destroyed

Tabe-O-Ja (Japan Version)

SKU: NSG-1002

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