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Next-gen upgrades are a fantastic way to give a game extra polish and enhance the overall experience by taking advantage of the more powerful hardware.


Three months after the launch of RIDE 4 on the PlayStation 4, the game was given a new PlayStation 5 version. While there are glimmers of potential under the surface, especially in the utilization of the DualSense, RIDE 4’s upgrade does little to try and remedy the issues present in the base game, resulting in a disappointing and incredibly frustrating experience from start to finish.


To start with the positives, the most impressive and notable feature of RIDE 4 on the PS5 is the utilization of the DualSense’s haptic feedback and adaptive triggers. On a technical level, these features make RIDE 4 a fantastic showcase of the power of the controller.


The haptic feedback makes the DualSense feel like a miniature motorcycle engine in your hands, while impressively reacting to different surfaces and weather conditions to make the experience even more lifelike.


Meanwhile, the adaptive triggers work wonders for control over accelerating and decelerating, as the triggers replicate the feeling and tension normally equipped on a motorcycle’s throttle.


While the DualSense makes RIDE 4 one of the most immersive motorcycle experiences from a technical level, it is a shame the rest of the game cannot live up to the same standards.


SKU: P5G-0025

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