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- REAL JUST GOT MORE REAL - Our mission has always been to make you say “it looks so real". But with RIDE 4 we pushed our limits even further, reaching a new level of perfection so that you can finally scream: "this IS real!". Discover a new expression of realism, the perfect combination between cutting-edge technology, life-like models with extraordinary attention to the finest detail, and an even more exciting competitive experience

- INNOVATIVE CAREER STRUCTURE - Ride like a pro! Play as a professional rider and explore a new and completely redesigned Career Mode, with the most dynamic progression ever. Start your journey by choosing a Regional League and continue your climb towards success in the World Leagues. Your decisions will decide your unique path, so choose wisely and experience the real life of a professional!

- DAY/NIGHT CYCLE AND DYNAMIC WEATHER - Enjoy an unprecedented journey along the most beautiful tracks of the world and feel every moment of this experience. Racing in the daylight is one thing, riding under the rain at night, guided only by your instinct is another. You’ll need all your talent to face your rivals and unpredictable weather conditions. And don’t forget to turn on the headlights!

- ENDURANCE WORLD - Who said that all good things must come to an end? Get ready to satisfy your craving for a competition like you’ve never done before. Welcome to the Endurance World, a brand new mode dedicated to the most exciting long-distance motorcycle races. truly the most challenging competition you've ever faced. Do you think you can ride? You’ll need so much more than that!



Get ready to break the boundaries between game and reality. RIDE 4 brings the challenge to a whole new level of realism: hundreds of bikes, tracks, and riding gears replicated to the finest detail with the most advanced technologies. A competition like never before. It’s 4 real!

RIDE 4 (english Subs) - PLAYSTATION 4 PS4

SKU: P4G-1769

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