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Product Description:
- Equipped with a back button (FL / FR button) that can be assigned to the grip part of the controller. This expands the selection of operations by setting buttons according to each player's style by increasing the number of buttons and button operations with quick movements.
- Equipped with accelerometer / gyro sensor

- It is equipped with an accelerometer / gyro sensor similar to the Nintendo Switch Pro controller.
- It can also be used for games that use an accelerometer / gyro sensor, such as tilting the controller.

- Equipped with a 3-stage rapid fire function

- It is possible to set continuous fire and continuous fire hold in 3 stages of about 5, 10, and 20 times per second.

[Settable Button]
A Button / B Button / X Button / Y Button / L Button / R Button / ZL Button / ZR Button / FR Button / FL Button / Cross Button (Up / Down / Left / Right)
* The continuous fire hold function cannot be set for the cross button (up / down / left / right).

Can be charged with a USB connection or AC adapter You can charge this product by connecting the USB cable (USB Type-C ™) that comes with this product to the Nintendo Switch dock.
* When charging, connect the AC adapter to the Nintendo Switch dock.
You can also charge the battery by connecting the AC adapter that came with the Nintendo Switch directly to this product.

* USB cable (Micro USB Micro-B) cannot be used.

Hori Wireless Classic Controller for Nintendo Switch The Legend of Zelda

SKU: NSA-376

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