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  • - 30 buses by international, well-known manufacturers, such as Alexander Dennis, BYD, Grande West, and Blue Bird have been licensed in addition to the popular brands already included in the preceding installment (Mercedes-Benz, Setra, IVECO BUS, and more)
  • - In addition to classic rigid and articulated buses, this new installment of the series also allows you to drive a double-decker bus as well as enjoy the future of public transport: the e-bus
  • Two huge, lively environments in the USA and Europe with an even greater open world approach will make you itch to explore your surroundings
  • - Drive alone or with friends in the cooperative multiplayer mode
  • - Optional, refined management features such as setting up detailed timetables, visiting bus dealers on the map, or planning efficient routes, that take into account the number of passengers at specific times, create an even deeper gameplay experience
  • - Different difficulty levels and play modes are available for a wide range of player types
  • - More realism thanks to improved graphics, new dynamic weather, a day-night cycle, and a new AI for pedestrians and traffic
  • - Faithfully recreated bus sounds and a comprehensive, voiced tutorial and passenger dialogues in English and German for even better atmosphere and more fun
  • - The new character creator has more than 15,000 design options for you to customize your bus driver's body shape, clothes, skin color, hair, and much more
  • - Less time in menus and more time on the road thanks to freely usable convenience features such as fast travel, fast forwarding time, and directly taking over AI buses in your own fleet
  • - Various customization options: Personalize your buses' surfaces with different colors, patterns, and ads; adjust the density of potholes in the roads, enable or disable the operation of the ticket machine, and much more
  • - Supports popular steering wheels, gamepads, Tobii Eye Tracking, and TrackIR
  • - Master challenging traffic situations: narrow roads, oncoming traffic, serpentines, a busy bus terminal, driving at night, road works, diversions, overland drives, potholes, traffic jams, traffic obstacles, speed bumps, and much more
  • - Lifelike experience with different events in the bus, such as a soiled interior, special requests from passengers, fare dodgers, loud music, and blocked bus stops

Bus Simulator 21 (English Subs)

SKU: P4G-1941

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