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- Enjoy the 3D models and actions of heroines such as Ion and Casty in high-resolution visuals. Both the gameplay and many cutscenes have been remastered in high-resolution, delivering a clearer new impression from the world of the seven dimensions

On the planet Ra Ciela, humans and spiritual lifeforms known as Genoms once co-existed.That was a long time ago, and the world has since lost its former beauty.People have adapted to this poorer new environment and manage to eke out a living.One day, a race is known a the Sharl invaded and began kidnapping humans, who found themselves helpless against their mysterious Song Magic.All seemed lost until, unexpectedly, the Ancient Genoms returned to give people hope that one day there will be peace.

Ar Nosurge DX (Japanese Subs)

SKU: NSG-995

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